Being plugged into the modern world is stressful, so it's smart to learn how to bend before you break. 

AussieMite is proud to invite you to our first FREE yoga class at Adelaide Astanga Yoga as part of our mission to build stronger Aussie minds and bodies for a happier future. 

Australia is currently suffering from a quiet crisis of mental illness, and AussieMite is doing something about it. According to the government’s own statistics, over 4 million Aussies received mental health-related prescriptions last year, with over $9 billion spent treating individuals suffering various disorders. The most common of these illnesses relate to anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. These illnesses are so detrimental to individuals, families, and our society that mental and substance use disorders are ranked 4th behind cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and musculoskeletal conditions as a main driver of disability and morbidity amongst Australians. Aussies are suffering, and something more needs to be done to help our struggling communities.

So, AussieMite started thinking. What activity has been shown to naturally improve mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, while also strengthening the heart and overall physical health? 

Yoga. That’s how we came up with our #BendDon’tBreak campaign. 

We want everyday Aussies from all walks of life to have access to the practice of yoga. AussieMite believes that if we can make small lifestyle changes through a healthier diet and a regular exercise routine of yoga and meditation, Aussies will be better equipped to deal with the mental health challenges and stresses of everyday life. We can harness the tools to prevent and treat some of these illnesses before they reach crisis point. Our bodies and our minds will grow more flexible and resilient so that we learn to bend, before we break. 


We invite you to experience the power of this ancient practice firsthand, as well as to sample some of our nutrient-rich, gluten-free and vegan AussieMite, and get a taste for the healthier future we wish to create.