How often will I get my AussieMite delivery?

You can match your delivery based on how much you love AussieMite. We won’t judge. 
Delivery options are available for 1, 2, 3, or even 6 month intervals.


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes of course. Simply log into your account or email us at gday@ausseimite.net and we will happily assist you.

You can also pause your orders at anytime without having to cancel your AussieMite membership. If you need help, email us at gday@aussiemite.net and we will happily assist you.


Any other benefits as a subscriber? 

Aside from saving time, money and the supermarket run, we like to give you extra perks such as merch and bonus products. 


What’s the EMU all about?

That’s Aussie the Emu who was chosen to be our mascot because EMU’s native to Australia. The emu which is on our coat of arms was chosen because they can’t move backwards easily and therefore symbolise the nation moving forward. 

According to Indigenous legend, emus are more than just birds. They are creator spirits that soar through the skies above, looking over the land. Emu’s are incredibly helpful, so it makes sense that Emu in the Sky helped Indigenous people predict what was happening in the world around them.

The Emu in the Sky is a well-known Aboriginal Astronomical constellation that's outlined by dark areas of the night sky, not the stars. To find it, first locate the Southern Cross constellation above the southern horizon. Two bright stars directly above due south are “the Pointers” to the Southern Cross.