ethically sourced GM-free ingredients

AussieMite proudly supports Gene Ethics Australia, a loud voice protecting the integrity and authenticity of our food for almost 30 years. 

It's our right to know what we are eating. But regulators do not require the labelling of most ingredients made with GM techniques. They assume all GM foods are safe and that refining processes remove most DNA and protein. So the law exempts from any GM labels, all GM vegetable oils, starches and sugars; processing aids and additives; and meat, milk and eggs from animals fed GM feed.

AussieMite is GM-free so we put Gene Ethic's logo on our label to remind you of where we stand. We also encourage other Australian food processors to also tell customers when their ingredients are GM or GM-free, regardless of exemptions in the law.

As to food and our health, good evidence is needed that there is no harm. But there is no scientific consensus that GM foods are safe to eat. Some varieties of GM food do negatively impact the health of lab animals in long term feeding experiments. To deal with uncertainty, a majority of shoppers do not want to buy or eat GM foods and over 90% want GM labels. We're here to help you by giving you a guaranteed GM-free option.

Our health and well-being depend on the assurance that strong advocacy brings, so please back Gene Ethics and support our GM-free future.