Our commitment to healthy choices doesn’t end at the breakfast table. At AussieMite, we do all that we can to tread lightly on the land so are in the process of becoming Carbon neutral with BCorp Certified.


We use glass and metal lids that are 100% recyclable. Our cartons also 100% recycle are made with minimal printing.
We’ve switched most of our plastic tape to kraft paper tape that’s also recyclable or compostable, however for some applications it is unsuitable.
Our inner packaging is made from compostable foam to prevent breakage as well as a wrap that is biodegradable.

Towards zero waste

We don’t waste anything and if there are any odd jars or rejects, we give these to food banks and charity.

Energy, water & waste

We are working towards a solar-powered and operated factory that’s 100% energy efficient and good for the planet.

GM free and organic ingredients

AussieMite believes that when it comes to our food Mother Nature knows best. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. Today many corporations and large farms are using science to change plants at the genetic level; modifying them to protect their profits at the expense of consumer’s health and the health of the natural world.

What does this mean?

Many staple crops like corn and wheat are actually genetically modified to withstand toxic pesticides, encouraging farmers to use more and more dangerous weed killers. Others are engineered to actually poison the insects who feed on them. These crops are grown and processed and turned into many of the foods you eat. None of this is natural or normal and since regulators don’t require GM labelling many big food brands and many of our competitors keep using them.


Well, not us.


We don’t want any hidden nasties winding up on our kitchen table. So AussieMite is the only yeast spread that supports Gene Ethics and actively campaigns for a GM-Free future. We're committed to maintaining healthy ecosystems, supporting ethical farmers, and building a healthier future for us all.