How is AussieMite best enjoyed? Spread with love over morning toast of course! 

Whether it’s snuggling smashed avocado on a gluten-free bagel, swimming in hot melted butter on a freshly baked sourdough slice, or sandwiched up for tasty school lunches or afternoon tea, everyone will love the superior taste of AussieMite. 


Our commitment to healthy choices doesn’t end at the breakfast table. We want to do more to help people in our country and around the world to feel better and to live better. 

To further this goal Aussiemite has begun sponsoring yoga classes around the country. We’ve also supported Victoria University in conducting a study on the benefits of yoga in the classroom, measuring improvements in stress reduction, heart health, strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

A healthy morning routine is important and we’re on a mission. Not just to create a better breakfast but to create a better world.


Our commitment to healthy choices doesn’t end at the breakfast table. At AussieMite, we do all that we can to tread lightly on the land so are in the process of becoming Carbon neutral with BCorp Certified. 

We’ve pledged 1% of all our sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Find out more here


We use glass and metal lids that are 100% recyclable. Our cartons also 100% recycle are made with minimal printing. 
We’ve switched most of our plastic tape to kraft paper tape that’s also recyclable or compostable, however for some applications it is unsuitable. 
Our inner packaging is made from compostable foam to prevent breakage as well as a wrap that is biodegradable. 

Towards zero waste

We don’t waste anything and if there are any odd jars or rejects, we give these to food banks and charity. 

Energy, water & waste

We are working towards a solar-powered and operated factory that’s 100% energy efficient and good for the planet.