Media Release

Byron Bay based, AussieMite plans to make waves as the singular, most nutritious Yeast Spread on supermarket shelves in Australia. In other words: There’s only one, because it’s the only one you need.

To communicate this message they’ve created an online flm that pokes fun at the sometimes -Australian competition’s endless line extensions whilst highlighting the importance of supporting small local Australian businesses.

“Walk down the ‘spreads’ aisle in the supermarket and you’ll be bombarded with a sea of non-recyclable, hard-plastic, yellow lids with nebulous variations, designed solely to take shelf-space from the competition: us,” says Elise Ramsay, General Manager of AussieMite.

She continues: “AussieMite has a strong loyal following and whilst we are small local Australian business, we believe with the current pandemic that if ever there is a time to support local Australian businesses, it’s now.

We see through our competition’s strategy, which is why we wish to highlight that we made just one, because it’s the only one you need.

Our competition now offers a Gluten-free, 25% reduced salt option as well as a 40% reduced salt all to protect their brand share which is worth over $200 million per year as Australians are the number one consumers of yeast spread per capita in the world.” she says.

AussieMite has simplifed the decision making process for Aussies, by offering one product with everything you need: an Aussie made, milder-tasting, ethical alternative.

“The paradox of choice tells us that too much of it [choice] is a bad thing. It causes anxiety. That’s why we’ve made things easy by creating AussieMite, which takes the guesswork out of choosing the best spread for you and your family,” says Elise.

AussieMite is vegan, gluten-free, has no added salt and boasts zero GM ingredients. Plus, it’s packaged in 100% recyclable materials. Aussies deserve an alternative that aligns with their values,” says Elise.

The observational spot features a confused American, whose Aussie partner sends him on a familiar grocery-store run to pick up some AussieMite for brekky. Chaos ensues when he’s met with an overload of options with nonsensical differences.

This is the first execution of a bigger campaign that has a broader purpose to proudly support like-minded locals and independents, like AussieMite.

AussieMite is proudly available at local independent supermarkets, online at and Amazon.