The Importance of Supporting Small Business in Australia

When we first launched AussieMite in 2001, we believed we had a custom product and a custom name that was better than any competitor. We worked our butts off tinkering with a recipe that was both ethical and delicious. We hit markets, food stalls, small independent shops and slowly built a name for ourselves. We believed that real Aussies deserved a brand with their name on it. Aussie owned and Aussie made with no tricks or gimmicks. So that’s why we’re proud to call ourselves AussieMite.

Turns out, millionaire Dick Smith had registered the improper spelling OzEmite before AussieMite was finally registered. We never knew. You know why? Because he never put out a product to go with it. That’s right. For the first ten years of our business, we were the only AussieMite on the shelf. By law you do not have to have a registered trademark, providing your product name does not conflict with other products and trade marks.

We worked hard to prove that our yeast spread was not only the best tasting but also the best option. Vegan? Check. Gluten-free? Check. B12 vitamins and enriched with Iron? You betcha. And what’s more…no genetically-modified ingredients. We felt we were on the right path and the public seemed to agree. As we moved onto more and more supermarket shelves nation-wide we were feeling pretty good. Until a full decade later when, out of the blue, Dick Smith took us to court.

That’s right. Mr. Nice Guy with millions of dollars in the bank, control over dozens of companies and assets, decided that Little Aussie Mite had to be crushed so that his OzEMite could dominate shelves proudly bearing his moniker. I guess to stroke his own ego? Who knows. We were shocked. And since we’re a small, family owned business, we suffered financially, emotionally, and personally from his non-stop attacks.

After several appeals, the Federal Court of Australia ruled in favour of this ultra-rich tycoon, saying that despite his product not existing before ours, his trademark still stands. Today, he’s bumped us off shelves and where he does sit side by side, he’s taken his name off the jar. We assume this is to trick you into buying the wrong one. So when we say AussieMite, we mean the real one. Spelled correctly as A-U-S-S-I-E.

So please make sure you keep buying the right AussieMite and tell your friends and family to keep supporting small, ethical businesses run by awesome people.

Otherwise, you’re just giving more money to a total Dick.