As a parent, teacher, or young person would you like to see yoga and meditation class introduced into schools?

AussieMite understands that to have a better future tomorrow we need to start building that future today. So as a company we do certain things to ensure we’re heading in the right direction. We don’t use genetically-modified ingredients. We’re vegan. We use recycled-materials for our packaging. But we also look beyond the breakfast table and beyond our product alone. We need to think bigger.
Today, more and more educators, doctors, and scientists are tackling issues related to mental health. Far too many young people are suffering from anxiety, depression, poor body image, low self-esteem, and we are seeing higher and higher rates of self-harm and substance abuse. Somewhere along the line we are failing our kids and all of Australian society is paying the price.
So we had an idea.
What if in addition to giving kids a healthier spread for their brekkie toast, we also gave them some tools to deal with the craziness of growing up? And immediately we thought of yoga.
Yoga studies are now being conducted all over the world to test these ideas out. Can focusing on our bodies, our breathing, and our balance help us to focus on other things like tests and school lessons? Can learning to be mindful of the present calm an over-active or distracted imagination? Can the flexibility of our limbs translate to flexibility of the heart and mind?
We believe so. And it appears the research does as well.
So our goal is to help promote yoga classes in schools nationwide. We believe that if we start children on a path towards greater discipline, calm focus, and physical activity we are going to get healthier, stronger, and more capable teens and young adults; the very people who the future belongs to.
So imagine a better future with us.