There's only one. Because it's the only one you need.

Hello everyone, 

What interesting times we are now living in. 

We hope you and your loved ones have been keeping healthy and well, starting the day with a healthy nutritious breakfast of course.

For us it’s been a time of introspection, reflection and doing all we can keep the good vibes flowing whilst relishing in just about any opportunity to move beyond the four walls by practicing yoga, surfing, swimming or take a gentle walk in nature via the supermarket.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our great customers for your love and support during this time. To all who have ordered several jars for friends and family via our online site and for your patience whilst we deliver. We have been inundated with online orders so again, a heart felt thanks for your great support and positive feedback. 

Very soon we will be launching a little Ad we filmed in Byron Bay which was a love project and response to being squeezed (once again) off shelf by the ruthless and rather large corporate big brands we won’t mention as that may lead us into yet another soul destroying court case. Put it this way when you are making billions, you can come up just about any strategy or product extension after extension alongside the clout of your big brand business, even if it doesn’t taste any good to dominate on shelf. Just the clout and power of your brand will suffice. Anything to protect your $140 million dollar market and brand share. Sure, it’s business. It’s big business but now we have hundreds of disappointed customers wanting our product who can’t buy it except from the local Independents and via us direct from our online store. 

In light of the current health pandemic and local economy because of all that has happened with COVID-19 it is more important than ever that we support the little corner shop, local artisans, artists and all the local food heroes including our farmers who get up at 3am to feed us with amazing quality produce so we can enjoy and lead a good life starting with breakfast combined with the best coffee in the world. So… thank you for supporting Australian owned and made including little people like us.  

Here’s to Australian owned, made and putting back into our local economy - the very values AussieMite was founded on. Here’s to what makes our country great from great tasting food to our sense of humour, so we hope you like our little Ad launching next week called 'There's only one. Because it's the only one you need'. 

We look forward to sharing and hope you like it!

Keep healthy, stay safe and thanks again for all your great support.